Learn How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Course?

You’ve probably heard that the growth of Digital Marketing and numerous platforms has changed the face of marketing communications in the previous 15-16 years.


A Career in Digital Marketing: Is it a Good Idea?

One of the most in-demand skills in digital marketing (LinkedIn)

In India, a digital marketing expert may expect to earn between Rs 1.5 and Rs 30 lacs per year (various job sites)

The total digital marketing area, including advertising, is expected to reach $306 billion by 2020. (Forrester Research)

It has opened up so many new channels, platforms, and other outlets for marketing that everyone, whether brands, marketers or audiences, now has options that were unimaginable just a few years ago.


The emergence of new channels has resulted in new professional roles, a desire for cutting-edge skills, and a whole new generation of specialty employment previously unseen. For example, consider the following new age job titles: Digital Marketing Executive/Manager/Associate, Social Media Marketing Executive/Manager/Associate, VP-Digital Marketing, Head-Ecommerce Marketing, SEO Specialist, SEM Specialist, Influencer Marketing Manager, Content Marketing Manager, and the omnipresent, overused, and everyone’s favorite, Growth Hacking Specialist.

These are legitimate job titles with competitive pay that nearly every organization is looking to fill. These vocations did not exist a few years ago, but they are now the ‘it’ jobs of the time. And don’t be fooled into thinking they’re just a fleeting craze. These jobs are here to stay, and they’re here to stay for good.

Is a Digital Marketing Course Necessary?

Will it benefit your career or business? How?

If you’re assuming, like a lot of people, that simply because you have a rocking social media life (mainly in your brain! ), you’ll also be a rockstar Social Media Manager, here’s a wake-up call: wake up! Make no errors.

So you’ve spent some time fiddling with Google’s Digital Marketing tools, such as Google Analytics, AdWords, WebMaster, and AdSense, among others. You also conducted your “thorough study,” reading several blogs and watching some tips and hacks on YouTube. And now you’re convinced that you’re all set to become an SEM ninja. Just stop right there!

There are far too many folks that act as digital marketing imposters. People are misled by the ease of use of digital marketing tools, the availability of so many freemium products for doing simple tasks, and the abundance of content promising to turn you into a digital marketing expert overnight. Don’t fall into this snare!

The issue is straightforward, in fact, stupidly straightforward. What is simply being overlooked, and what you should be aware of, is that there is still marketing for a reason in the word Digital Marketing. The fundamentals of marketing remain unchanged.