Learn 5 Questions To Ask Before Choosing An MBA Program

Students at ESSEC’s Global MBA program, for example, can specialize in one of three areas: luxury brand management, strategy, and management, or strategy and digital leadership.


The program also includes training on in-demand skills such as Google Analytics (for all majors) and Tableau software (for Strategy & Management students).

5. What real-world experiences are on offer?

Classroom learning is an excellent approach to gaining knowledge, generating discussions, and practicing leadership skills in a safe atmosphere. Specific skills, however, cannot be developed in a lecture classroom.

When choosing an MBA school, seek one that includes hands-on experience. This could involve business travels, real-world projects, executive visits, and networking opportunities.


Keep in mind that soft skills are also applicable in the actual world. For example, a leader’s success must be able to connect with people on a personal level. For instance, ESSEC’s Global MBA participants are exposed to themes such as personal branding, interview skills, and networking skills.

This type of experience allows you to try out a few various professions and industries before graduating, which will help you figure out your interests, obtain practical experience, and polish your pitch so you can hit the ground running.