Learn 5 Questions To Ask Before Choosing An MBA Program

If you want to build a worldwide network, search for programs with a large proportion of international students. Over 85 percent of Global MBA participants at ESSEC, for example, are foreign.


Check out the current cohort’s average work experience duration if you want to study with similarly experienced peers.

Asking these questions early in your search will assist you in making the professional contacts you require to attain your objectives.

3. Will it offer global experiences?

Today, 57% of people have access to the internet, and 45% utilize social media. Therefore, learning to work in a global setting is critical in this interconnected world.


As a result, it’s critical to consider if an MBA program will provide you with opportunities to gain foreign experience. Many programs offer study-abroad options, while others include overseas modules as part of their core curriculum.

Participants in selected majors at ESSEC’s Global MBA program, for example, have the option of splitting their time between ESSEC’s campuses in France and Singapore, benefiting from a bi-continental experience.

Participants in this program will have the opportunity to visit significant business hubs and understand how business is conducted in different locations through week-long business trips.

This type of global exposure will enrich the perspectives of prospective MBA participants, opening the door to a more considerable choice of post-graduation alternatives.

4. How will the program help me enter my desired industry?

MBA programs are an excellent option for workers to change careers or enter a new field.

Although most MBA programs are designed to be broad in scope, a good school will allow you to specialize in one—or a few—areas, building industry-specific knowledge for a successful career change.

Look for a program that provides a wide range of courses relevant to the field you want to work in and helps you refine your experience and knowledge in your areas of interest.