Learn What to Know About Life Insurance for Pets

However, a pet does not have to create income for pet life insurance to be considered. It may be considered for a valuable breed of dog, such as a French Bulldog, which can easily cost $3,000, and even as much as $10,000, according to NextDayPets.


“Where a pet is somewhat unusual, its monetary worth is significant,” Sievert explains. “The pet isn’t required to generate revenue. It’s as easy as that.”

Then there’s the desire to send out a pet in a way that honors its place in the owner’s heart. “Some individuals consider their dogs to be family members and can experience tremendous grief when they die,” Francies explains. “They might want to give them a proper send-off, just like they would any other member of their family.”

This can involve many of the trappings of a human family member’s funeral. Aside from the cost of a funeral (usually $60 to $150), an urn can range in price from $35 to $400. According to Francies, if the owner chooses burial, a pet casket can cost $50 to $500, and a burial spot in a pet cemetery can cost $400 to $600.

How Much Does Pet Life Insurance Cost?

The cause of death and theft When the comparatively high cost of insurance for “working pets” is assessed, why becomes evident.


According to Sievert, premiums differ from pet to pet, with age, breed, and species being the most important influencing criteria. Also, as with other types of insurance, the degree of benefit and deductible size play a role; the higher the former and the smaller the latter, the more you will pay. Finally, location is also a consideration because of local differences in the value of animals and the expense of burials.

We compared plans for dogs – which are insured more frequently than cats – in two different cities: one major (St. Louis, MO) and one small (Chicago, IL) (St. Cloud, MN). Quoted premiums began around $250 per year, largely for smaller mixed-breed animals; increased to $300 to $500 for larger mutts and select purebreds like Yorkies and Dalmatians; and reached $600 and above for the most expensive pedigrees like Dobermans and German Shepherds.

Prices can rise even higher for dogs used for breeding due to the potential loss of income if they die. For example, Francies notes that in the St. Cloud, MN area, premiums for a Poodle, Afghan Hound, Labrador Retriever, Pomeranian, or Scottish Terrier – all valued at $10,000 – utilized for breeding would be roughly $900 per year for a female and $700 per year for a male.

Is Pet Life Insurance Beneficial?

Mortality and theft insurance is not for every pet or pet owner, even more than ordinary pet insurance. Moreover, given its high cost, investing in it may be especially dubious if you already have conventional pet insurance. “Pet life insurance coverage can be quite expensive,” Francies observes, and the cost of two pet policies may be prohibitively exorbitant.

According to Francies, this is normally covered for the most expensive dogs. “Unless your pet is really expensive, buying a policy is typically unnecessary.” However, she says that personal taste, particularly your comfort level with risk, also plays a role. “Even if you don’t own a Best In Show dog, you might want [a policy] if that’s what your heart desires.”