Learn 5 Ways to Pay for Vet Costs

If you’ve recently visited a veterinarian, you’re aware that veterinary care can be costly.


However, I commiserate with any pet parent who has received a comma-separated estimate for vet fees—the sticker shock that comes with pet health costs is real!

Unfortunately, vet expenses can be prohibitively expensive, and many companion animals do not receive the care they require because their pet parents cannot afford it.

Dental health is one area where pets are suffering unnecessarily. Pet dental care can be costly—it is not uncommon for vet bills for dental work to reach $1,000. Even if a dog or cat has gum disease, dental pain, foul breath, or rotten teeth, owners frequently refuse treatment because they cannot afford the vet fees.

Long-term prescription pet drugs for chronic diseases such as Cushing’s or arthritis are another area where vet bills can be prohibitive. As a result, even though great treatments are available that can improve the quality of life and reduce discomfort in animals, a substantial percentage of pets go untreated due to financial constraints.


If you want to give the greatest veterinary care for your pet but don’t have the means to pay for vet bills, here are five solutions to help you afford the treatment that your pet needs.

Credit Limits

CareCredit.com is one alternative if you find yourself in a jam due to vet expenditures. CareCredit is a credit card for health care financing used for both human and veterinary payments, including dental expenditures.

If you make the minimum monthly payments and pay off your balance within the promotional period (which can range from 6 to 24 months), the loan will be interest-free.

However, if you do not pay it off within the set time frame, there is a significant penalty in delayed interest charges, so check the tiny print. Also, care credit approval is based on a person’s credit score, so if you have terrible credit, you may not be authorized, or you may only qualify for an amount that does not pay the total price.

I’ve seen resourceful clients gather numerous people to apply for various CareCredit lines and combine the amounts to pay for necessary care. Wells Fargo also offers a healthcare financing credit card that may be used for vet expenses and maybe a suitable fit. I urge that you apply for the line of credit even if you don’t need it right now to be available to you if you ever need it.