Learn How to Become a Certified Medical Assistant in 5 Easy Steps

Finding a physician ready to recruit an uneducated and inexperienced medical assistant might be challenging.


According to some estimates, becoming qualified also often secures a higher pay grade – up to $12,000 more than a non-trained medical assistant.

The certification procedure shows employers that you’ve been tested and demonstrated the abilities and knowledge they seek for their patients.

Job Description for a Medical Assistant

A medical assistant assists physicians, nurses, patients, and other health care team members.


Medical assistants do a wide range of critical activities, some of which are more administrative in nature and others of which entail direct patient contact.

Answering phones, organizing appointments, updating patients’ medical records, making insurance requests, and coordinating hospital intake or laboratory tests are all examples of administrative activities.

Electronic medical data administration, in particular, is becoming an increasingly important component of medical assistant activities.

More clinical responsibilities may include:

  • Drawing blood or removing sutures.
  • Supporting physicians during exams.
  • Taking medical histories.
  • Assisting patients in preparing for the exam.

Furthermore, most medical assistants will be able to take vital signs.

Often, a medical assistant is the first person a patient encounters inside a medical office – and certain medical assistants may also deliver injections or prescriptions under the supervision of a physician, as permitted by state law.