Learn 6 Reasons Why It’s Worth Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney to Manage Your Case

4. Victims with legal counsel receive larger settlements.

As I previously stated, claimants are not always capable of achieving the best potential conclusion for their case (in terms of compensation) on their own because they are not trained negotiators. Claimants who hire a personal injury attorney, on the other hand, typically earn higher settlements across the board.


Settlements were 40% higher when claimants were represented by an attorney, according to a report performed by the Insurance Research Council. Consider this. An attorney who understands all of the techniques and strategies knows which levers to pull to achieve the best possible outcome.

Trying to handle a personal injury lawsuit on your own is similar to learning to drive for the first time. If you’ve never done it before, be prepared for a rocky trip.

5. There is no financial risk if you do not win.

The expense of engaging an attorney is one of the most typical worries. The jokes on this subject are plentiful. Indeed, the hourly wage of most legal practitioners is more than that of the average work vocation, but here’s the thing: practically every personal injury attorney in the country works on a contingency fee basis.

That is, you pay nothing unless you win. There is no upfront expense to you—no legal fees of any type. Payment does not enter the picture until your case is won. In most circumstances, the attorney’s fee will be a flat percentage of the final settlement judgment, typically between 20% and 40%.


In this sense, hiring an attorney costs nothing out of pocket. If a satisfactory conclusion is obtained, it is simply deducted from your settlement offer.

6. An Attorney Can Represent You During Trial

If the settlement offer is too low, or if the opposing party refuses to deal, your case can be taken to court.

Taking Care of Your Own Case

We’ve just discussed six reasons why hiring a personal injury attorney makes sense. If you’re still considering handling your case on your own, we’ll explain why it would be a good idea.

For someone to successfully manage their own case and obtain a fair settlement offer, the circumstances must often be just right if you fall into any of the above categories, you may be able to handle your case on your own, but it is still advisable to obtain legal counsel before making that decision.