Learn 15 Things to Consider Before Installing Rooftop Solar Panels

More and more people in the United States are beginning to invest in solar power systems. They’re installing solar panels on their rooftops, and why not? In recent years, solar power technology has witnessed amazing developments, many of which have helped to reduce the cost of the equipment required.

Solar Panel Roof

Installing solar panels on your roof is also an excellent method to generate electricity for your house and business, as well as the grid while minimizing your environmental effect. However, there are several factors to consider before you begin the installation process.

Understanding the various aspects involved in a job like this is critical; furthermore, researching common solar panel fallacies is a smart idea. To help you decide whether solar power is best for you, your house, or your business, we’ve compiled a list of the top 15 things you should think about before installing rooftop solar panels.

1. Is your roof in need of repair?

Before you even contemplate installing solar panels, consider how old your roof is. Installing solar panels is generally not the greatest idea if you know you will need a new roof soon or if a portion of your roof is damaged.

If possible, complete any roof repairs prior to installation. You won’t have to pay extra to have the work dismantled and then reassembled (in some cases, for at least 20 years). Another thing to think about is the warranty on your roof versus the warranty on your solar panels.


When you have solar panels that will last for 20 years but a roof that will only last 10 to 15 years, the cost of maintenance rises. Try to match the duration of both initiatives to limit the amount of work, time, and money you will need to invest.

2. How do you describe the shape of your roof?

Roofs come in a variety of shapes and size Make sure your roof has enough room for solar panels before proceeding with any installation. If there isn’t enough space, you won’t get the expected return on your investment.

3. Which way do your roof’s slopes point?

Solar panels must be placed precisely in order to create the optimum quantity of power. Most professionals agree that the panels should face south, while others believe they should face west. Regardless, you must identify this information before the installation can begin.

4. What is the maximum weight capacity of your roof?

Installing solar panels will increase the weight of your roof’s structure. If the weight of these solar panels becomes too heavy for your roof to support, it may collapse. This is extremely risky for a variety of reasons, not to mention pricey. To avoid both scenarios, it is vital to have a professional inspect your roof to decide if additional support is needed to complete the installation.

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