Learn 10 Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric Vehicle

Indeed, these electric vehicles do not leave a carbon footprint, but the safety standards of these cars should be high enough to make people buy these expensive electric cars confidently.


2. Hidden Expenses of owning an electric vehicle impossible for people with a tight budget

There are some additional costs with sticker prices that you need to consider before buying an electric car. When you purchase a gas car, you need to bear four types of expenses including:

  1. Purchase price $32,000
  2. Insurance $1592 /yr.
  3. Maintenance $1235
  4. Fuel $1117

This is not the same with electric cars and the annual costs involved:

  1. Purchase price $57000
  2. Insurance $1910
  3. Maintenance $900/yr.
  4. Charging station purchase $485/yr.
  5. Charging station installation at home $2300
  6. Charging station maintenance $400 annually
  7. Electricity bill 4,000 kWh @ $0.18/kW per year $720
  8. Battery replacement cost $5000-$16000
  9. Public charging station cost $1.44 for 50 miles

All these costs may vary according to your location, electricity rate, and power of charging the battery. Additionally, during peak hours, the rate of charging a battery increase as well. These additional costs may be way too much for an average driver. 


3. Eclectic vehicles are not practical due to many reasons.

Your lifestyle determines that whether you should buy an electric car or not. If you are single and living close to your employer, it may be practical for you to own an electric vehicle. But these electric vehicles are still impractical for the majority of people, especially for those;

  • Having three or more kids to pick and drop
  • Long route to go to the job
  • Living in areas with extremely low or high temperatures.

4. A low number of charging stations for EV’s

The current infrastructure of the charging station is unable to meet the requirement of EV owners. If your driving route is within a metropolitan city then, it’s ok. But if you have to long-distance out of the city, there are not enough charging stations available.