Learn Top Tips for Choosing the Best Kitchen Cabinet for You

2. Decide on a kitchen theme

One of the most noticeable parts of your kitchen’s design is the cabinet doors. Therefore, picking a door type is crucial. Take into account the aesthetic of your kitchen. Many door designs exist that can work in either a classic or contemporary kitchen.


Picking cabinets that complement your kitchen’s design and color palette is essential. Tell me about the design of your kitchen and house.

What kind of cabinetry you end up going with depends on the overall theme and design of your home. The inverse is also true; your kitchen’s appearance and atmosphere will be affected by the style you select. Is the current fashion satisfactory, or would you like to see some modifications?

Whatever path you take, it will be helpful to both you and the kitchen designers or cabinet dealer/maker you end up working with if you can nail down the aesthetic you’re going for.

3.  Choose a Profile for Your Front Door

Doors come in a wide variety of materials, colors, and designs. Just as there is an infinity of design options, so too are there a variety of possible layouts. Modern, transitional, and contemporary cabinets are three of the most well-liked options.


It’s not a good idea to choose a cabinet style before giving thought to the rest of your home’s design. Many distinct door styles are available. Doors are the focal point of the cabinets. Therefore, it’s crucial to pick a design you like. The process of selecting a door profile for your cabinets is an excellent approach to cutting down your options.

A shaker-style door is a popular option. A wide range of hues, textures, and construction options are available. They work beautifully in both modern and classic kitchens. Shaker-style white kitchen cabinets are a classic choice.

Many different kinds of elegant and traditional grips are available for them. Modern kitchens benefit greatly from flat cabinets. For a very minimalist look, consider handleless cabinets. Inset cabinet doors are another option, and they feature exposed hinges.

Cabinet Door Style Glossary

There are dozens of various cabinet designs to choose from, but you can narrow it down by selecting a structure and door style. To assemble cabinets, I like a more contemporary look over a more transitional one. Like a transitional kitchen, transitional cabinets have elements of both traditional and modern design.

Slab, flat panel, shaker, raised panel, or beaded doors are my usual go-to’s, but I’m also open to other options depending on the home’s aesthetic and the customers’ preferences. The glass inset, mission, and arched cathedral styles are also rather common.