Learn How to Find Unclaimed Money: 1 in 10 Americans Have Lost or Forgotten Cash

One out of every ten Americans has unclaimed money—how here’s to find your misplaced or forgotten cash.

Unclaimed Money

Are you short on cash? Select describes how to locate and redeem your unclaimed money, whether it was misplaced or forgotten.

As millions of Americans struggle financially due to the coronavirus outbreak, now is an excellent moment to look for any extra income.

We’re not talking about looking under the couch cushions for loose change or expecting to discover $20 in your coat pocket. Looking online can help you find the money you’ve forgotten about. There’s a good chance there’s some cash with your name on it.

According to the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators, one out of every ten Americans has unclaimed property or money floating about somewhere (NAUPA).


This money is derived from funds discovered in banks, financial institutions, or businesses that have not communicated with the owner for more than a year and have been turned over to the state.

It’s usually a forgotten bank or savings account, an uncashed paycheck, stocks, security deposits, customer overpayments, unredeemed gift cards, or an IRS tax refund. Select delves deeper into ways to recover money owing to you and how to cash in on the money you’ve earned but may have forgotten about.

How to Recover Lost Money

During this period, a neglected savings account or a missing salary might be a lifeline for many people. Fortunately, reliable websites can assist you in your search for these cash windfalls.

To begin, go to NAUPA’s website Unclaimed.org, a national network collecting records from all 50 states. There are links to each state’s official unclaimed property program from there.

Because these are all vetted government resources, you must use NAUPA-provided websites rather than a general search engine. Clicking on a state will take you to its official webpage. If you officially changed your last name, search for your unclaimed money using your current and maiden names.