Learn About Auto Collision Insurance Coverage: What It Is & Why It’s Important


Can I get ticketed for not having collision insurance?

Although collision coverage is strongly recommended, it is not mandated by law. Yet if you still owe money on your car, your lender or lessor can demand that you keep it. In any case, if you travel frequently or in congested places, it’s wise to protect your vehicle with collision insurance.


Does car theft coverage fall under collision insurance?

No. Your full coverage insurance policy may protect you from financial loss due to theft.

Can accidents involving rented cars fall under collision coverage?

A collision policy may pay for repairs to your rental automobile if there is an accident. Yet, insurance provisions for rented vehicles can differ from one state to the next. If you have questions about the rental insurance that will be provided, you should ask the rental agency.

Does vandalism get covered by collision insurance?

Vandalism is not covered by collision insurance, but comprehensive insurance might.

Should I get collision coverage for my used car?

Your car’s age is irrelevant when determining whether or not you require insurance. There is no legal requirement that you cover a vehicle that is 15 years old, and doing so would cost you no more than insuring a brand new vehicle.


But, if the loan or lease is not yet paid off, collision insurance may still be required for the vehicle, regardless of how old it is. It’s important to think about the worth of your car if you’ve already paid it off.

Your policy’s value is mostly determined by the amount your automobile is worth at the time of the accident, as collision coverage only pays for repairs up to the vehicle’s real cash value. If your car maintains its value as you use it and it gets older, insurance may still be helpful.

Do other drivers get covered by your collision policy?

No, collision insurance only pays for repairs to the insured’s car after a collision that is covered by the policy. If the other driver’s vehicle is damaged and you are determined to be at fault, your liability insurance may pay for the repairs.

When someone hits your car and then leaves the scene, would your collision insurance pay for damages?

That all depends on the specifics of the hit-and-run. Your collision policy may pay for repairs to your vehicle if another driver causes damage to it while it is parked. Yet it wouldn’t cover medical bills for someone who gets hurt in a hit-and-run. When shopping for auto insurance, it’s a good idea to have collision coverage.