Learn About 10 High-Paying Administrative Jobs to Pursue

You may not be aware of the many administrative jobs available to you as you research your career options.

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These tech-savvy and versatile personnel with increasingly high-paying administrative jobs are taking on responsibilities outside of their usual roles, such as assisting corporations in restarting stalled projects and working with hybrid teams.

What’s new in administrative positions?

Administrative professionals have always worn multiple hats, and now they have even more. They are increasingly required to collaborate with company leaders and collaborate with more people and departments to assist in project management and remote work difficulties.

Administrative staff personnel with advanced technical capabilities and analytical ability are highly demanded. As a result, many are pioneering virtual meetings and presentations, cloud-based software, and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms.

Employers are also looking for candidates with exceptional soft skills and communication with a diverse range of personality types. Experience with help desks and social media accounts is advantageous for these positions.


Medical coding manager COVID-19 has increased the demand for administrative employees with healthcare experience, and medical coding manager is one of those key professions. A medical coding manager is in charge of the coding department, analyzing medical charts, coding data, and sending appropriate documents to medical billers for processing and payment.

In the Compensation Guide, the predicted salary range for medical coding manager is $62,500 to $82,000. On the low end, a candidate is likely to be new to this type of work and still learning important abilities, but on the high end, the candidate will likely have all of the requisite skills and above-average experience.

Executive Assistant to the CEO

In large businesses, senior executive assistants provide administrative support to the most senior executives and may supervise support workers. Administrative jobs pay well since extensive technical skills and excellent communication skills are required, especially in finance and hospitality.

This position has a salary range of $60,250 to $77,000. You can also alter salaries for your location using the Salary Guide.

Manager of facilities

A facilities manager is in charge of facility management activities and teams of administrators, assisting with anything from operations workflow to an office relocation or reopening planning. The ideal applicant will have three to five years of facilities management experience and skills in tactical planning, workflow improvement, coordination, and scheduling.

Facilities managers may expect to earn between $47,750 and $74,750 per year.

Senior data input operator

Data entry jobs necessitate the ability to input a large volume of data accurately and quickly. Therefore, data entry specialists at the senior level must have those skills and the capacity to supervise others. In addition, this position necessitates advanced Microsoft Office and IT literacy since they are responsible for prioritizing and batching material for data entry and conducting thorough information analysis for procedures and reports.

The salary range for a senior data entry expert is $34,500 to $40,750.