Learn 9 Furniture Stores That Offer Same-Day Delivery

Things to Consider with Same Day Furniture Delivery

Before you jump on board with same-day furniture delivery, consider these factors.



Because same-day delivery is such a convenience, most stores charge for it. If you want to avoid paying delivery fees, find out the minimum purchase for free delivery. However, remember that many stores do not offer free delivery no matter how much you spend.

Time of Delivery

Most same-day deliveries arrive between 4 and 11 p.m., or even around midnight.
Because you purchased the items that day, the delivery crew requires time to select the products, locate an available truck, load and deliver them. Chances are they are delivering many other same-day deliveries.

Purchase Cutoff

Most stores have a buying deadline. The average is 2 p.m., however, some stores close early.
This gives their team adequate time to organize their deliveries and deliver them on schedule.

Buying in-store or online

Some stores provide same-day delivery on in-store purchases, while a handful also offer same-day delivery online. It is up to the store; always read the fine print.


Items must be available for purchase.

Only in-stock goods are eligible for same-day delivery. Because many things are in short supply, your options may be limited. However, it is always worthwhile to inquire. When purchasing online, the icon next to an item usually indicates whether it is suitable for same-day delivery.

Make sure that your home is prepared.

Drivers doing same-day deliveries have a lot on their plates. They might not have time to move old furniture or wait for you to pave a path for them. Be nice enough to straighten up the house and make the delivery location as accessible as feasible.


Before you choose same-day delivery, assess the benefits and drawbacks of waiting for the item with regular delivery, including the additional cost of same-day delivery.