Learn 3 Most Popular Types of Home Flooring



Carpet is a timeless option that has been utilized in houses for decades. It is comfortable and usually simple to install. One of the most significant benefits of carpet is that it comes in more colors and textures than any other type of house flooring.


It is still often used in bedrooms, on the second floor of a house, and to cover stairs. Carpet is also softer on the feet and more comfortable to walk on than hard surfaces.

Dreamweaver carpeting is a popular choice among our customers, owing to the brand’s lifetime stain-resistant warranty! Most carpets are piece-dyed, which means the dye only covers the top layer. As a result, spilling something stains the underlying, undyed layer. However, Dreamweaver is dyed all the way through the fiber, so stains have nowhere to stick, making it ideal for families with children or dogs.


Carpet is a difficult house flooring material to clean. You’ll have to deal with stains if you don’t use a stain-resistant treatment like Dreamweaver, and carpet cleaning can be a pain.

Carpet can be problematic for allergy sufferers because the fibers can trap allergens. Because carpet is less durable than other forms of home carpeting, it may need to be replaced more regularly.



You can keep the carpet clean by vacuuming it regularly and blotting up any spills as soon as possible with a damp, absorbent towel. The longer the spill remains, the harder it is to clean, and it may seep through to your pad and subfloor. Check out this page for a list of vacuum cleaners that have earned the Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval, as well as other cleaning advice.

Selecting the Best Flooring

Choosing home flooring for your new home can be a daunting task with so many different options, designs, and colors. We advise to take samples home with them to help them decide – what a floor sample looks like in a store may be very different from what it looks like in your house with your lighting and paint colors.