Learn 9 Oil Change Coupons & Savings Hacks You & Your Car Need

Check your owner’s manual for your car to find out how long you can go. Most newer cars can go at least 7,500 miles.


Buy an oil change from Groupon and save up to 30%.

For example, Groupon often has oil change offers, “Get a $61.99 oil change for $42.99” at Valvoline.

DIY oil change? Buy motor oil on Amazon or Walmart.

Amazon makes its motor oil brand, which is similar to brands like Pennzoil, Castor, and Mobil, and it’s slightly cheaper.

  • Pennzoil at Walmart: $4.39/qt.
  • AmazonBasics at Amazon: $4.36/qt.

Look for “Free Oil Change with Test Drive” offers at car dealerships.

Dealers run offers like “free oil change with test drive” all the time. Here’s how it works — there’s usually a make and model of car or truck they want you to test drive (sometimes not, though!).

You agree to drive it, and then the dealer will credit you an amount up to about $35 toward an oil change there at the dealership.


It may or may not be enough to cover the cost of an oil change, but it’s still free money toward one!

Take advantage of courtesy fluid top-offs

Many places like Jiffy Lube offer courtesy fluid top-offs between oil changes.

Find out all the perks your shop offers — you might be surprised at a few of them!