Learn What to Know Before you Buy an Electric Vehicle

An Electrify America charger added 51 kWh of electricity to the Mach-E after a half-hour of DC fast charging. An equivalent amount of gasoline is 1.4 gallons, costing $21.93. This is equivalent to $15.66 per gallon!


It’s cheaper to charge at home than to purchase gasoline, and you’ll typically get a better electric rate through a home charger, which is an added benefit. It would help if you compare prices and charging power to get the best deal as close as possible to 50 amps, which is quite a bit more than is necessary for home chargers.

ChargePoint, the charger manufacturer, states that home chargers can enhance driving range by 37 miles per hour when they are plugged in. In addition, there is an approximate nine-fold improvement over plugging the car into a 120-volt outlet.

The electric vehicle is not an appliance.

Our electrical devices work automatically when we plug them into a socket. Electric vehicles are different. Chargers for EVs aren’t just dumb electric plugs that send electrons blindly through a wire. As both a communication and power socket, it is almost like a USB socket.


There are no problems with power or control, but communication, like that between humans, can be challenging due to dialects if we consider linguistic similarities. It is for this reason that a Tesla connected to an incompatible charger will charge much more slowly. 

Charging networks can even support certified cars, which may take much longer to charge than they claim. Cold temperatures can also significantly slow charging times.

PopSci conducted Ford Mustang Mach-E and Audi e-Tron tests in winter. The charging levels were 28 kW and 47 kW, respectively, using the Electrify America network’s Level-3 150-kW charger. They recharged at 150 kW, as advertised, with a separate 350-kW charger.

There is so much more to learn from these tips. Ideally, drivers should walk into the EV experience with an open mind. A driver of an EV must adjust some things in comparison to a gas car.