Learn Why Small Ships Are Best for Family Cruises – 10 Reasons

Are you looking for the finest family cruise? Consider a family cruise on a small ship with only 12-200 passengers. Trade large cruise ship arcades and casinos for nature and wildlife in unique locations worldwide. Curious? Learn why small-ship cruises are better for kids and how to select the finest family vacations.

Family Cruise

Family Cruises: Small or Large Ship?

Simply said, large ships are focused inward on the ship’s amenities. Small ships are oriented outward toward the objective and the surroundings through which you are navigating. Water slides, unlimited ice cream kiosks, movie theaters, kids clubs, and casinos are all available on large ships.

Cruise at night on a predetermined schedule and spend the day in port on tours. Small ships provide a unique form of entertainment, with active off-ship activities in remote regions right from the ship. Get off the ship and go hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, or on small boat excursions away from the harbor.

A flexible schedule includes stops to observe whales and animals. Visit little ports that are not accessible to larger ships. Learn more about the differences between small and large ships to help determine whether a small ship family trip is perfect for you. If this seems like your vacation, keep reading to discover more about our unique family cruises. Is a small-ship family cruise ideal for your family?

This is a crucial question to ask when looking for a family cruise. A small ship family vacation is ideal if you want an active journey with experiences that bring the family together.


Here are nine reasons why tiny cruise ships are ideal for family vacations:

1. Expertise

Small ships provide incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experiences in extraordinary locations. Kayak among the icebergs in front of Alaska’s enormous tidewater glacier. Walk through secluded beaches where your footprints are the sole sign of civilization in Costa Rica.

In Belize, you may snorkel for fresh lobster. In Glacier Bay National Park, you may see whales and bears from the deck or aboard a zodiac. Immerse yourself in an Antarctic penguin colony. In the Galapagos Islands, you may see fearless endemic animals. Raising tiny adventurers on board with presentations on natural history, fauna, and local culture.

With an open bridge policy on all ships, you can learn navigation from the captain. Many ships provide interconnected cabins, triple cabins, and family-friendly stateroom arrangements (ideal for a cruise with a family of 5). A small ship family vacation will take your family cruise to the next level.