Learn What to Look For When Buying Fresh Flowers

The stem should be squeezed.

Squeezing the bottom of the stems can reveal whether or not the roses are fresh. If the stem feels firm and taut, it means the rose is in good condition, and the stem is robust enough to maintain the upper half of the flower for several days. However, if the part you’ve taken is readily squished, it indicates that the rose is old and the stem is weak, and you should avoid doing so.


Take a close look.

Look for roses with brightly colored, well-formed petals. Examine the tips of the petals to make sure they aren’t crushed or turning brown. Remember that roses with undamaged petals are more appealing and last longer than injured ones.

How to Keep Flowers Beautiful and Fresh

Choosing the appropriate flowers can make a major difference in how long your bouquet lasts, but the vase life of your flower is highly reliant on how it’s been cared for. Check out the recommendations below to ensure that your bouquet is as fresh and lovely as possible:

First, clean the stems.

Before putting the flowers in a clean container, clean the stems to remove any dirt that could make the water sticky. Remove any visible wilted leaves, and the bottom leaves to keep the foliage from rotting in the water. Remove the plastic and cellophane covering, as these can cause the leaves to sweat and wilt.

Trim the stems with care.

Flowers require water to be fresh and vibrant. By shortening the stems of your flowers by at least two centimeters, you can help your blossoms get more water to their petals and leaves, extending their life.


Make use of a vase.

Place the flowers in a clean container and fill them with new water. Place your flowers in a vase filled with fresh, clean water to keep them fresh and last longer. Furthermore, always use a clean container to avoid the possibility of bacteria and other germs destroying the beauty and vitality of your flowers. Choose a container with a wide enough neck to accommodate the flower stems. Before you set your flowers, make sure to clean out your vase with soap and water.

Temperature control

If you keep your flowers in a cool place in your house, they will stay fresh for several days. Avoid putting them in a warm room or near a window that gets a lot of sunlight. You may also store your flowers in the refrigerator overnight and then place them back on the table during the day to keep them cool.

Fading Flowers: How to Restore Them

You can’t keep your flowers looking beautiful indefinitely. However, there are ways to help revive fading flowers and keep them healthy and look fresh for longer.

Trim the stems again.

Make sure your flowers are getting adequate water to recover their health. To do so, recut the stems by an inch or two using a sharp knife or scissors.

Use lukewarm water instead of cold to open up the stem and ensure that the water is properly absorbed. In addition, using warm water aids in the removal of any obstructions in the stem that may be inhibiting it from absorbing moisture.

Make use of a preservative.

Make a natural flower preservative to preserve your blooms from withering too quickly. Add soda to the water to keep the flowers looking fresh (do not use diet or black soda). To kill dangerous germs, add a small amount of bleach (less than 1/4 teaspoon). You can also use a few drops of vodka instead of bleach to destroy the germs.

We’re almost done!

So there you have it. Always follow these guidelines to keep your blossoms looking fresh and attractive for as long as possible.

Whether you’re purchasing a bouquet for your mother, a friend, or a particular someone, or simply collecting fresh flowers for yourself, you now know how to distinguish between those that are fading and dying.