Learn The Most Common Days for Stores to Release Coupons

Online vouchers appear to be distributed at random. However, if you look closely, you will notice patterns. Knowing when stores are more likely to announce new deals allows you to plan ahead of time for savings – and possibly save time hunting for discounts in the process.


We’ve already discussed the stores with the most coupon codes – those where you’re most likely to find a discount if you search before buying. However, aside from sheer volume, there are some seasons of the year when it is often easier to find coupons at any retailer.

Furthermore, some stores have a pattern in issuing coupons, which means there are periods when you can check to see if they have any new deals.

We’ve taken a hard look at the timing of when coupons are posted using information from our coupon database and experience to help you map out a more systematic strategy to getting bargains online. We’ve already identified the specific trends for our readers’ seven favorite coupon stores. Still, we’re back to layout the general ideal times to go coupon hunting using data from the last two years.

The Best Times to Look for Coupons

First of the Month Because retailers always release a large number of coupons on the first of the Month, it’s a wonderful time to look for new deals. In addition, some of the coupons available at this time will be good for the full Month, giving you plenty of time to make a purchase decision.


However, coupons that last that long may not be the best deal at the store. Larger discounts are usually available for shorter periods, such as a week or two days. Even so, it’s a good idea to be aware of any monthly discounts a store may be offering if you’re in a hurry and can’t wait for a better coupon.

If you aren’t in a hurry, keep an eye out for bargains that are only available for a limited time to save more money. Checking in the middle of the Month or later can be a smart idea. At this point, businesses may introduce additional appealing offers to boost sales before the end of the Month.

The Beginning of the Week

Every week, we witness a spike in the number of new coupons. As you may have guessed from the retailers mentioned above, there are a variety of stores that rotate weekly specials. The most regular day for these deals to appear is on Sunday, and they usually last until the following Saturday.

Check early in the week, such as on Mondays, to uncover many fresh bargains. However, if you aren’t finding anything particularly appealing for a store you want to buy from, you may also try checking at the end of the week on Thursday or Friday when weekend discounts begin to arrive.

During holidays and other special occasions

Around holidays, especially important ones, there is always an upsurge in the number of promo codes available. However, when these coupons are distributed varies depending on the holiday and what people normally buy for it.