Learn if it’s Worth Fighting Traffic Tickets

If you obtain a traffic ticket, it appears like paying the ticket is the path of least resistance. Most people, however, are unaware of all of their alternatives and, as a result, avoid taking precautionary measures that could assist protect them and their driving record in the future.


Knowing your alternatives and arming yourself with knowledge are two of the most crucial measures you can take to mitigate the negative implications of a traffic citation. Unfortunately, many individuals believe that if they obtain a traffic ticket, they must accept their guilt, pay the ticket, and move on.

Doing so could result in big fines on your driving record and other troubles for you, which is why you should always evaluate whether it’s worth fighting back. If you received a traffic ticket and are unsure what to do, the good news is that you do have options, and paying the ticket may be your worst option. Hiring the appropriate attorney to defend you and protect you from the ramifications of a traffic ticket can be incredibly effective. You have up to 30 days to select which three alternatives apply to your ticket when you receive a ticket.

What Are My Options If I Get a Traffic Ticket?

The first option is to pay the ticket and accept the points on your license; in most cases, the second option is to pay a portion of the ticket and attend traffic school; and the final option is to challenge the ticket. Many people believe that challenging the ticket will be too costly or burdensome because they underestimate the potential ramifications for their future. Paying the ticket and accepting the points is always a terrible idea; you give up and confess to the infraction. You also risk having your insurance premiums increase by up to 40% over three years.

If you choose to attend traffic school, you are effectively admitting guilt to the infraction and will be required to pay for traffic school and the full amount of the ticket and spend time in the class. Furthermore, you are creating a record that can be viewed by your insurance company when they make premium decisions.


On the other hand, fighting your ticket is the only way to increase your chances of having your ticket dismissed and keeping your driving record spotless. The court fees are among the most difficult parts for persons who choose to appeal a traffic ticket to comprehend. In Florida, four key elements determine your court fees. All factors are the sort of ticket, the judge hearing your case, your demeanor toward the officer who pulled you over, and your driving history. The better your overall driving record, the lesser your court costs. Your driving record will be considered only once determined that the court does not intend to dismiss your case. Hiring the correct Florida traffic ticket attorney at the start of your case, on the other hand, enhances the odds that the court will dismiss your case and thus not come up with your driving record. If you contest your ticket and the right legal motion is made and accepted, the case will be dismissed, and no one else will be able to see your driving history, whether good or bad.