Learn Everything You Need to Know About What Criminal Lawyers Do

Every day, criminal defense attorneys work hard to secure the best possible results for their clients. We take great delight in catching the government breaching the rules and holding them accountable.

Criminal Defense Lawyers

The United States Constitution guarantees certain fundamental rights. When the government fails to obey the rules, we will ensure that the government is held accountable.

Catching the government breaching the rules may result in the client’s charges being withdrawn or a substantially better plea bargain than they would have received otherwise. “Loose lips sink ships,” as the saying goes in the legal profession.

Police officers, the FBI, and jail guards will all act as if they are on your side. We advise all of our customers and everyone reading this site to utilize their right to remain silent. It will be highly beneficial to both you and your attorney!

Another right that criminal defense attorneys preserve is the right of our clients to be free of illegal searches and seizures. Believe me when I say that the government does this routinely. Finally, we protect persons by ensuring that the government presents evidence sufficient to fulfill the burden of proof required to convict someone of a crime.


We are there to make sure the judge and jury know if the government cannot establish its case beyond a reasonable doubt. This means that a guilty person may sometimes get away with a crime, but we believe it is preferable to let a guilty person walk than convicting an innocent person.

Finally, I explain to my clients that I am here to prove their innocence. While our criminal justice system presumes innocence until proven guilty, innocent people are charged with serious felonies and misdemeanors daily in West Michigan courts.

Criminal defense attorneys can assist clients in obtaining excellent results when they are innocent of the charges levied against them. This is accomplished by obtaining a not guilty verdict at trial or dismissing the charges.