Learn 8 Popular Non-Invasive Fat Removal Procedures to Consider

3. Radiofrequency Treatments

The Principles Behind Radiofrequency Therapy

Treatments and devices using radiofrequency energy, such Vanquish, heat, and melt away fat cells by means of magnetic waves that don’t even need to come into contact with the skin. When compared to other non-invasive methods, this one can treat bigger areas of the body.


The Effects of Radio Frequency

Possible treatment length is 4–10 sessions, each spaced 1 week apart, with long-lasting effects evident 2 months after finishing all sessions.

4. Ultrasound Fat Reduction Therapy

The science behind ultrasound’s fat-melting abilities

Technologies like UltraShape and Liposonix employ ultrasound waves to progressively dissolve belly fat by penetrating the cell membranes. There will be no post-treatment bruising or swelling because the treatment has no effect on the surrounding tissue.

The Fat-Reducing Effects of Ultrasound Therapy

The strongest results often come after three treatments, each separated out by two weeks. Two weeks is the average time it takes to see any results, with the full effect taking up to four months.

5. Red Light Therapy

The science behind the red light treatment

UltraSlim® and other forms of red light therapy for weight loss use specific wavelengths of light to target and destroy fat cells in the stomach, hips, and thighs, while also toning and firming the skin.


Red light therapy results

The majority of patients will select three or more therapies to accomplish their aims. Sometimes you can see results right away, and they’ll keep getting better as your body burns off the fat.

6. Laser Lipolysis (Non-surgical Lipo)

The process of laser liposuction

Like regular liposuction, non-surgical lipo eliminates localized pockets of fat. SmartLipo®, on the other hand, employs laser heat coupled with short fiber optic cables under the skin to the target location to disintegrate the fat cells so that your body can absorb them.

The fat can be removed with laser lipo with small incisions and suction or massage, although it is not completely non-invasive. In addition, unlike standard liposuction, it reduces the likelihood of postoperative skin laxity.