Learn 5 Signs It’s Finally Time to Buy a Cooling Mattress

Do you wake up in the morning feeling as if you slept through a hot yoga class? You most likely sleep hot (and not in the “go to bed in full glam” kind of way) and not on a cooling mattress.


It is time to rethink your bedding arrangement. Just because you’ve always accepted that you sweat more than Pinocchio while sleeping doesn’t mean it has to stay that way.

A cooling mattress will transform your life.

You were mistaken if you thought you were bound tonight sweating for the rest of your life. On the contrary, you’ll wake up as cool as a cucumber if you sleep on a copper mattress.

You change the linens on your bed, brush off pet hair, and never eat in bed – you do so much for your mattress. It’s time to stop worrying about what you can do for your mattress and start worrying about what your (cooling) mattress can do for you!

What exactly is a cooling mattress?

There are no built-in ice trays in a cooling mattress. We recommend moving to Alaska and leaving the windows open if you enjoy a good deep freeze nap. On the other hand, a cooling mattress can keep your body heat from becoming trapped at the top of your mattress and making you unhappy.


The Layla Mattress comprises foam that has been injected with copper gel. Because copper is conductive, heat attracts it like a magnet (inside the mattress and away from your torso). So, unlike ordinary mattresses, which retain your natural body heat at the surface, a cooling mattress maintains a consistent temperature where your body makes contact.

If you sleep hot, your surplus body heat will be taken away and trapped in the middle of the mattress, where it will not bother you.

5 Signs You Need a Cooling Mattress

Still unsure if you sleep hot enough to warrant a new mattress? Here are five things to keep an eye out for. If you recognize yourself in any of the above instances, a cooling mattress should be added to your purchasing cart.

Your pillow rotates more frequently at night than a rotisserie chicken.

If your face becomes so hot that you’re continuously reaching for the cool side of the pillow, you’re sleeping hotter than you should. And for many people, the epicenters of their temperature management are their heads and feet. In other words, if your face or feet become hot, it’s game over for comfort.

In addition to a copper cooling mattress, you might want to consider a Layla Pillow. Our pillows, made from the same copper-infused material and natural stuffing, are a game-changer for overheated sleepers. If your pillow stays cool all night, you won’t have to flip it from side to side. And fewer pillow flipping means more restless nights.

You spend the entire night flip-flopping like a trout on a dock.

Is your fitness tracker showing you as “awake” when you’re sure you’re sleeping? Or perhaps your partner informs you that you’ve been break dancing all night. In any case, you’ve certainly been up to when you should have been sleeping.

Tossing and turning may indicate that your body is overheated and seeking a cooler, more comfortable position. You might begin going to bed on top of the covers, but becoming comfy before falling asleep is significantly more tempting. Aside from purchasing a cooling mattress, you can alleviate some of your restlessness by Not exercising before bed. Your body naturally loses 1 to 2 degrees of heat before sleeping to assist you in maintaining a stable body temperature while you sleep. Going for a night run, on the other hand, could change that.

It would help if you reconsidered your sleeping attire. Even clothes that appear beneficial to sleeping cool, such as a short-sleeved t-shirt, can cause restlessness depending on the material. Instead of wearing cotton, use a moisture-wicking fabric.

Purchasing a mattress topper. If you can’t get comfortable enough to sleep, you’re going to toss and turn when you finally do. Even if you’re sleeping on a standard mattress, a Layla Mattress topper keeps you cool and molds to your body for ultimate relaxation.