Learn the 8 Factors to Consider Before Installing Solar Panels

We all need freshness and no pollutants in the air we breathe. Also, we have experienced an abundance of clean air in the lockdown period.


But, have you ever wondered how we can continue bringing some environmental changes for the betterment of nature as the complete lockdown scenario is over?

There are solar panels among many essentials to generate electricity in our homes. They are a great way to reduce the environmental impact of your homes, provide a host of other advantages, and are a source to offset the energy costs. Nevertheless, it would help if you considered some factors before installing them.

Thus, we have highlighted eight factors to consider while installing solar panels as we believe a comprehensive guide is helpful to avoid a bad experience.

Roof Type of Your House

It is one of the essential points to notice while installing solar panels, as every house has different rooftops. Therefore, to avoid hassle and save your time must see which solar panel suits your rooftop. However, you can install solar panels easily on every rooftop; it is just that for some cases, it might take extra prices and a bit more time and effort.


Furthermore, you need to have in-depth details of solar panel experts if you have a roof with wood shingles or Spanish tiles. Because it is heard that some companies are showing reluctance to work with Spanish tiles and prefer to install solar panels on composite shingles, 

So, hire the most professional and skilled person to do this job for you. He must know the installation of solar panels on different roofs.


Another factor to consider is the performance because this property will ensure that your solar batteries charge quickly and produce enough electricity whenever you need it. Also, it is crucial to know that the average panel efficiency is around 15%–22%.

Considering this point can shortlist your options because panels within this range or above will undoubtedly be worth investment.

Price Range

You all pay heed to the cost, whether it’s a big product or a small investment. And when it comes to solar panels, customers are always confused about which solar panels work best yet are not expensive.

On the other hand, the prices increase every year. However, earlier solar panels were more expensive and not available for everyone. But now, with the increasing need for environmental changes and global demand for solar solutions, solar panels are comparatively affordable to a large number of people. At the beginning of 2011, the price of solar panels has dropped 60 percent. This tendency is still the same. You can add federal and local tax credits and subsidies to your panel prices, and that should be around $17,000 you will be investing as up-front costs.


Longevity and good quality of the products always entice customers. So, solar panel consumers also look for durability because they are exposed to different elements, which might affect their life span.

Avoid installing easily breakable solar panels, as the system downtime will take a massive hit on your savings. Furthermore, when negotiating with solar companies, it’s essential to inquire about the long-term durability of their panels. Manufacturers must reveal the results of their testing to back the validity of their products.

Besides this, warranty is also a crucial aspect to consider. It is established to protect your rights as a consumer. Also, having a warranty will help you maximize your investment in a sudden malfunction or defect.