Learn the Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Meal Delivery Service

New meal delivery services have sprung up left and right in recent years, offering a diverse range of options for just about everyone.


These services help expedite meal preparation and reduce the amount of time you spend in the kitchen, all while diversifying your diet.

However, with so many alternatives available, it cannot be easy to know how to locate the ideal meal delivery service for you.

This post goes over 12 of the most significant elements to think about when choosing a meal kit.

1. Form

The first thing to consider when selecting a meal delivery service is the company’s type of dishes.


Some services, such as Hello Fresh and Blue Apron, supply premeasured materials and recipe cards, making it simple to prepare your meals at home and boost your kitchen confidence.

Others provide fully prepared meals that are either frozen or refrigerated for quick reheating. This can be an excellent option if you have a hectic schedule and don’t want to worry about cooking throughout the week.

Certain businesses may also provide a variety of meals. Sun Basket, for example, lets you customize your weekly box by selecting from a variety of meal kits and completely prepared entrees.

2. Meal alternatives

Another important factor to consider when selecting a meal delivery service is the variety of available meals.

Although many businesses specialize just in dinner dishes, others provide other meals for a cost.

Certain meal delivery services also provide other optional add-ons such as snacks, sauces, proteins, and drinks, which may be excellent if you want to save time on weekly grocery shopping.

Furthermore, if you’re seeking kid-friendly meals, you might want to investigate Yumble, a firm that caters particularly to children.

3. Dietary requirements and preferences

If you have dietary restrictions, it’s critical to locate a meal delivery service that offers selections that meet your needs and tastes.

Many firms, for example, mark foods as low carb, low salt, paleo-friendly, or vegetarian, making it simple to check the menu to see which meals will work for you.

Alternatively, if you follow a gluten-free diet, you should choose a company that offers certified gluten-free meals or makes items in a gluten-free kitchen, such as Green Chef.

Furthermore, if eating organic is important to you, look for a service that uses predominantly organic ingredients, such as Daily Harvest.

Also, please remember that many services make their meals in kitchens where main allergies are handled. As a result, if you have a food allergy, you should contact the company if you are concerned about cross-contamination.

Here are some resources to assist you in choosing the service that best meets your dietary requirements:

4. Varieties

If you find that eating the same dishes every week becomes too monotonous, selecting a meal delivery service with a diverse menu is critical.

Consider how frequently the menu changes and whether a company offers weekly specials or seasonal products to diversify your diet.

You should also determine if you want to order from a company that selects your meals for you each week or if you want to mix and match your favorite items for a personalized meal plan.

5. Dish style and complexity

When reviewing a meal delivery service’s menu, keep the distinct style and intricacy of the dishes in mind.

If you’re an experimental eater, seek a meal delivery service that uses various unique and fascinating ingredients in its meals.

Purple Carrot, for example, provides plant-based meals with a range of exotic herbs, spices, and veggies, making it an excellent alternative for individuals who enjoy experimenting in the kitchen.

On the other hand, some businesses, such as Freshly, focus on well-known favorites. In addition, freshly offers a diverse menu with options suitable for the entire family.

If you’re ordering a meal kit that requires you to cook and prepare ingredients at home, evaluate the time commitment for each meal and if it fits into your schedule.