Learn How to Prepare Your Home for New Replacement Windows

Let’s look at how replacement windows can improve your home and how to properly prepare your home for it.


So you’ve decided to replace your home windows – great decision! Whether you’re trying to reduce your high energy bills, need to update the look of your home, want to increase the security, or would like to increase the value, you’ll achieve those goals.

Have you thought about the process of actually replacing the windows? If you’ve hired a window professional to come to your home, you’ll want to take some time to prepare for their arrival and work. Here are some tips to help you help your window installation crew be as efficient as possible.

Clear the way

When you replace windows, all of the existing windows will be removed (not by you). Of course, you know this, but the reality of it can be more involved than you might think. For example, you need to move everything that’s around your windows, including furniture and decor. This is so the window installers have easy access to each window and they don’t inadvertently damage your things.

You will need to move things that are outside your home, as well. If you have any window decorations, such as holiday wreaths, they will need to be removed. If you have a second story home, the window installers will likely use scaffolding or ladders to access the exterior portion of your upstairs windows. They will need space to set up these items, and you should move lawn furniture or decorations that might be in the way.


Take it down

In addition to moving furniture, you will need to remove window treatments. This means that you will need to take down your blinds, sheers and curtains. Talk to your contractor, but typically you will only need to remove the treatments only. The hardware can often stay where it is. You will also need to remove interior shutters and blinds.

Remove wall decorations that are near windows. The contractors will be moving around these windows and they might accidentally knock something down. Also, the removal and installation of windows can jostle your walls, knocking items loose. It’s best to take a little time before your window installers arrive to remove these objects and store them somewhere safe.

Cover it up

Replacing windows is dirty work. Your window installers will often put down drop cloths and they will try their best to be neat. However, you can ensure that your house stays clean by putting down drop a cloth yourself. Cover your floors and any furniture that might get dirty. Talk to your installation crew before taking this step, they might have great suggestions, or insist on doing it for liability purposes.