Learn How to Choose the Right Metal for Your Engagement Ring

Finding the proper metal for an engagement ring is as crucial as finding the right diamond or gemstone to contain. Use our metals guide to help you find the best engagement ring for your future bride.

Engagement Ring

It’s time to shop for an engagement ring, considering numerous variables. Choosing the metal on its own is more complicated than it used to be. Whereas it used to be a simple decision between yellow and white, there are now a plethora of options to explore, including:

• What is the distinction between white gold and platinum?

• What is rose gold, exactly?

• How do newer, alternative metals, such as titanium and tungsten carbide, complement gold and platinum in engagement rings? Take it one step at a time, beginning with the metal, and you’ll finish up with a ring that fits her style and one she’ll enjoy for a lifetime. Use this as a guide to the many metals available for ring settings.


What is her style?

Determine your fiancée’s style first, and then pick the correct metal and color to compliment that style. One of the first things to consider when selecting a metal for a setting is the style of jewelry your future bride usually wears:

• Platinum or white gold is the way to go if she prefers more excellent colors and silver-toned jewelry.

• If she prefers warmer tones, yellow gold or rose gold are good possibilities.

• Combining white gold and yellow gold is a wise choice because it will allow her to complement any piece in her existing jewelry collection.

• Even if you choose a warmer metal, such as yellow gold, placing the diamond in a white metal head (which keeps the diamond in place), such as platinum or white gold, can highlight the diamond’s brilliance to brilliant effect.


Platinum is a naturally white metal with an incredible shine that nicely accentuates the brilliance and glitter of diamonds. It is the most valuable of all jewelry metals and is a favorite choice for engagement rings and wedding bands.

When used in jewelry, platinum is five times rarer and purer than gold. Platinum is long-lasting, making it an excellent choice if your fiancée is active – its density gives a safe setting for diamonds or gemstones. Platinum is naturally hypoallergenic, making it an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin. Its exquisite sheen will not fade or change color over time, eliminating the need to re-plate your platinum ring. It is a preferred choice for diamond settings due to its strength.