Learn Everything You Need to Know About FHA-Approved Condos

Condos certified by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) allow condo owners to obtain FHA loans rather than conventional mortgages, which need a significantly smaller downpayment and a lower credit score.

FHA Approved Condos

To qualify for this loan, your condo must fulfill certain conditions established by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and pass the FHA condo approval process.

If you’re unsure if you want to keep renting but aren’t quite ready to own, buying a condo is an excellent compromise.

While condos are excellent choices for people seeking more affordable homes while accumulating equity, condo mortgages can be costly.

FHA-approved condos come in helpful in this situation.


An FHA-approved condo is similar to a regular condo, except that the development meets HUD regulations and can be paid for with an FHA loan, allowing persons with lower incomes or credit scores to qualify.

Due of the regulations and certification process, determining which condominiums are FHA-approved might be difficult.

Fortunately, Jerry, the excellent house and auto insurance app, is here to assist.

We’ve put up a comprehensive guide that covers all you need to know about FHA-approved condos.

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