Learn 10 Secrets to Shopping at the Apple Store

Help in transferring files

This is the most helpful hack to let you enjoy the same data on your new Apple device. When you buy a new Apple product from the store, you can get help getting the data from the previous device to the new one. The employees will not do everything here, but they will help you in the process of transferring your favorite music, videos, and pictures. The employees will help you store all of your existing data on the central server. The iCloud will allow you to retrieve and view the data through your other Apple devices. 


Help you see competitors’ prices.

Various giant stores and big markets are allowed by Apple to sell their products. You can have genuine apple products from these stores like Best Buy or Costco. When you enter an Apple store, you can ask the employee to show you the prices of other competitors in the area. They are authorized and allowed by the company to show you the difference in the competitors’ prices. 

Return online orders

When you want to return an Apple product, you must pay the shipping price and go to the courier yourself. The Apple stores have the policy to accept your return of the product you bought online. You get to save money and have a chance to exchange the product. The best approach is to look for the product availability in the store that you want to exchange. 

Refurbished items are available online.

Many Apple users might tell you a story of purchasing a one-day used apple product at a discounted price. There were many cases when people sold back their used Apple products to the stores, and the customer could cut a great deal on them. Now, this option is restricted online. You need to go to the website if you want to buy a refurbished Apple product. The store no longer works to give you refurbished products.

AppleCare purchase could be postponed.

Apple products are sold with a warranty. Mostly you get Apple products for one year warranty. After that, you get support from Apple if anything happens to the device. When you want to have an extended warranty from Apple, the AppleCare or AppleCare+ can be purchased later for another year of warranty. If your product is still in the coverage window, you can purchase the extended warranty from the Apple store. 


Genius bar reservations

There is a paid genius to help you with everything for your Apple device in the store. Suppose you want to learn how to use a device for a particular feature. Or you are worried about an issue or hassle in the Apple product. The genius will solve your problems and will guide you through the process. You can ask the employee with a handheld device to see a genius. You can get a reservation online to avoid waiting in a queue if there is a line for the genius bar.