Learn How to Find the Cheapest Gas While Driving

It’s great to be on the road with your loved ones, but not if it means spending more money on gas than you did on your last car. 


Finding the cheapest gas while driving can be done by checking for deals or coupons near your destination, looking online for price comparisons, and keeping track of what stations are offering the best prices near where you need to go. Here are some of the top tips and tricks for finding cheap gas when you’re on the move!

Useful Tips To Find The Cheapest Gas While Driving:

Download Helpful Apps:

Start by downloading a few apps onto your phone so they’ll always be at hand when you need them. You can find different apps on Google Play or Apple stores that work as travel guides, maps, and gas stations. For example, gas Buddy is a very helpful app for finding nearby prices, so you know which direction to go in when you’re unsure where the cheapest gas while driving is.


Get Coupons or Advertisement Flyers:

Print out some coupons or advertisement flyers from local gas stations. Many of them will advertise their prices online, but only if they’re available at that moment. Bringing paper coupons tells the station you’re ready to fill up right away, so the cashier will often honor the lower price even if it’s not printed on your coupon.

Look Up Reviews:

Look up reviews for gas stations around where you’ll be driving before getting started. Some sites let users’ pictures of what stations offer the best deals, and some even compare prices. In addition, some review sites like Yelp (for restaurants) and TripAdvisor (anywhere) are great for scouting out cheap gas while driving.

Get Away From The Highway:

You might be surprised to know that gas prices vary based on where you’re located. If the area is close enough to a major highway, expect higher prices at any station near or involved in interstate commerce. This is because they have more demand for their product than other areas and pay accordingly. Oppositely, a gas station located near few miles down the road might have cheaper fuel charges.

Hit The Wholesale Clubs:

Gas prices are discounted at BJ’s, Costco, and elsewhere. In addition, grocery stores offer “gas points” for shoppers who use their reward cards when they need to fill up.

Don’t Use Credit Card for Gas:

Among the plethora of reasons not to use your credit card for gas, one that may surprise you is how much cheaper it can be. You can save money each month just by paying with cash at some stations, and those discounts are even more lucrative if they’re offered only when the payment method isn’t a credit card.

Early Bird Gets The Deal:

When you’re on your way to work, fill up early or late. The rates for gas may change throughout the day, so if there’s an opportunity before this happens (before 8 AM), save yourself some money.

Shop The Wrong Side Of Town:

You can save money on gas by visiting the “other side of town” and avoiding buying near car repair shops. However, the land is more expensive there, so property taxes tend to be higher than in other neighborhoods, increasing overhead costs for stores like gas stations.

Keep An Eye On Promotion and Local Price Wars:

Price wars are never far off, so it’s important to keep an eye out for them. You may see one gas station go after another, or some radio stations will offer promotions on fuel, and you should take advantage while prices last.