Learn How to Choose a Medical Alert System

Types of Medical Alter System

Before buying the alert device, you should be aware of the types of medical alert systems available in the market with various features, fees, and services option.


1. In-home System

It is suitable for older adults or disabled people who spend most of their time at home. It costs $19.95 to $49.95 per month and provides safety in and around the house.

2. Mobile System

It is ideal for those adults who often leave the house. It costs $24.95 to $60 per month and provides safety outside the home.


3. Smartwatch System

a smartwatch is suitable for active adults who want a discreet medical alert, and it costs you $24.95 to $44.95 per month. It protects the wearers everywhere they go.

4. Bluetooth System

If you do not want to bear the monthly cost, this is the best option. However, it requires a smartphone to attach the device.

Before finalizing your purchase decision, you must find out the answers to these three basic questions.

Does the person require a medical system to stay at home or leave the house?

The home medical alert system works inside and around your house. The base unit is installed in a central location of your home, where signals cover the whole area of your house. A push-button device in the form of a pendant or watch with a speaker station connects you with a monitoring agent through your landline phone.