Learn How to Choose a Medical Alert System

Medical alert systems or personal emergency response systems are devices with easy-to-use push buttons to notify a medical emergency.


This button connects an ill elderly or person (who lives alone) with a paramedic agent, friend, or family member who needs help in a fall, fire, or medical emergency. The medical alert system provides peace of mind to family members and lets them know that older adults are safe in the home or outside.

As you know, half of the senior citizens have smartphones, and some applications can connect the person with a set of caregivers. But it is also true that no one carries a mobile all the time. Also, in case of an emergency, it is difficult to find and dial a number. So you cannot rely on the smartphone. Instead, you need an easy-to-operate system that generates an immediate response.

Older adults and disabled people are at risk of falls and need instant attention in any emergency. These individuals can wear a bracelet or pendants having a push button in case of any event that requires a speedy reaction. When the adult person presses a button, it alerts a family member, friend, neighbor, or operator with a medical emergency alert.