10 Buy Now, Pay Later Camera Options (Some With No Credit Check)

Several businesses, including several well-known national chains, provide buy now, pay later finance for camera purchases.


As part of their financing options, these retailers frequently offer store credit cards or store-branded credit cards. Extra alternatives include rent-to-own and lease-to-own establishments, which, although not always requiring a credit check, frequently have other criteria and fees. See below for more information on where to get a purchase now, pay later camera.

Camera Purchase Options (Buy Now, Pay Later)

When it comes to purchasing a camera through a purchase now, pay later plan, you have a few options. You can finance a camera purchase using a store credit card and make monthly payments, or you can rent or lease it from a specialized retailer. You can buy a professional DSLR camera, a traditional compact digital camera, and even camera accessories using one of these alternatives.

Using a Store Credit Card to Finance

If you have good credit and are willing to submit to a credit check, applying for and financing a camera purchase using a store credit card or store-branded credit card makes sense. Store credit cards are often only valid at the retailer, but a credit card co-branded with an issuing corporation such as Visa or Mastercard can be used anywhere the issuer is accepted. You’ll have to make monthly payments on your purchase if you use a credit card. You may take advantage of advantages such as an interest-free period, but keep in mind that interest costs can build up quickly if you don’t pay off your purchase on time or only make the minimum monthly payments.

Lease-to-Own and Rent-to-Own Stores

Many rent-to-own and lease-to-own stores will let you buy a camera and pay for it later without affecting your credit score. If you have less-than-ideal credit or no credit history, this may be a viable choice. However, be aware that the merchant may record your payment history to the major credit agencies, and you’ll almost certainly be required to supply your Social Security number as well as proof of consistent income. You must also have an established bank account.


Also, keep in mind that you will almost certainly wind up paying more than the stated retail price for the item if you use a rent-to-own or lease-to-own scheme.

We’ve done the comparison shopping for you, and here’s what we recommend.

Amazon is likely your best option for the largest range of camera brands and prices, and you can buy now and pay later with its store credit card or rewards Visa card. Consider buying through FlexShopper, which offers lease-to-own programs for camera purchases and does not require credit. Adorama, a specialty camera and video equipment retailer, also allows consumers to use FlexShopper’s lease-to-own arrangements to make purchases.

Stores That Provide Cameras can be purchased now and paid for later.

The following stores allow you to buy a new camera now and pay later. This information was collected through researching company websites and contacting customer service professionals. We’ve arranged the list below in descending order, beginning with the best overall alternatives.


DSLR, dashcams, hunting, instant, mirrorless, compact digital, security, spy cameras, underwater, waterproof, and related accessories are examples of camera types.

Option(s) to buy now and pay later: Is a credit check required for the Amazon Prime Store Card or the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card? Yes